Roborock S5 Max Vacuum Cleaner, White

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Condition: New - Brown/White Box

Warranty Term: 90 Days
Warranty Provider: Distributor

Roborock S5 Max Vacuum Cleaner, White

Treat yourself to crisp, just-mopped floors every day with S5 Max. Engineered for a seamless automated mopping, it has a super-sized water tank, precision water control, virtual no-mop zones, and more. Combined with precision laser mapping, advanced navigation, and intense vacuum suction, it makes spotless floors easier than ever. All you need to do is set it and get on with living.


  • Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room based on shape and location of obstacles
  • High precision LiDAR laser navigation system spinning at 300rpm maps each room of your home in real time
  • Fourteen sensor types collaborate for fall avoidance, Carpet Boost, height sensitivity, help it avoid getting stuck, and more
  • With an ultra-precise peristaltic pump and a huge 280ml water tank, the S5 Max can mop a 2,600 sq. ft. home
  • Washable air filter and mop pad plus quick-release main brush, mop mount, water tank, and dustbin for easy maintenance
  • Supersized Lithium-Ion battery means up to three hours of non-stop cleaning in a 250 sq. m space
  • Smart Top-Up will return the S5 Max to the dock when power is low, and recharge just enough to finish cleaning

Whats in the Box?

  • Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner
  • Charging Dock


General Information

  • Item Dimensions (H x W x D Inches): 19.25 x 15.86 x 15.86
  • Vacuum Type: Robotic
  • Full Receptical Indicator?: Yes
  • Hepa Filtration?: Yes
  • Cordless?: Yes
  • Cord Length (Ft): 0
  • Model: RSD0156US
  • Hose Length (Ft): 0
  • Edge Cleaner?: Yes
  • Bagless?: Yes
  • Height Adjustment?: Yes
  • Item Weight (LBS): 18.44
  • Color (Generic): White